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Privacy Policy


I take your privacy very seriously. Beyond the optional debugging information Apple provides me with, Paperparrot uses no analytics.

All documents you add to Paperparrot are stored on your device, in your personal iCloud or on your Paperless-ngx-server, depending on how you have configured the app.

Paperparrot does not collect, transmit or distribute your data.

Paperparrot Push Notification Service

If you have enabled the optional push notification service in Paperparrot, the following information will be stored:

  • A randomly generated user id that identifies you, this is needed both to prevent unauthenticated push requests via and to allow sending notifications to all your devices using a single POST request.
  • The Apple Push Notification service device token. This token is unique to the installation of Paperparrot on your device.

Other than that, no information is collected.

None of the above data is shared with any entity other than Apple in the way required to send push notifications via the Apple Push Notification service.

You can opt out of push notifications and delete your user id at any time by either:

  • selecting "delete user" in the push notification section of the settings in Paperparrot,
  • posting the following JSON request to
    "user_id": "{your_user_id}"
  • or by contacting me at [email protected], including your user id.

If you have any questions or want to see all information holds about you, message me at [email protected].

If you're interrested in how the Paperparrot push notification service works, you can take a look at the source code at