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Paperparrot Version 2.1.0

· One min read
Leo Wehrfritz

New Features:

  • Added multi-instance support! You can now connect to multiple Paperless-ngx-Servers at the same time. To add an instance, simply tap the new "servers" button in the top right of the document list
  • Added built in support for push notifications with Paperless-ngx. For more info visit
  • Added support for document links as custom fields


  • Added icons to settings and updated descriptions
  • Fixed search in documents view
  • Added export files and database option when connected to a server
  • Fixed a bug causing the share extension to fail when using Paperparrot without a server
  • The share extension should also work when connected via hostname using plain http
  • Buttons in "Add" tab now scale dynamically to improve usability on small screens